David Tennant Is Delighted That the 13th Iteration of ‘Doctor Who’ Will Be Played by a Woman

While appearing on The Late Show, the incredibly talented David Tennant told host Stephen Colbert that he was delighted with the choice of actress Jodie Whittaker as the 13th iteration of Doctor Who.

Tennant also talked about going to Comic-Con (“..you look out and you think, the geeks have inherited the earth.”), being a Doctor Who fan since childhood (“I loved Bond, too, but I could be the Doctor. Turns out I was.”), the Broadchurch series finale (“It’s a peculiar British thing. We see something that works and we run from it.”) and his role as Scrooge McDuck in the rebooted Duck Tails. With this in mind, Colbert asked Tennant to read out loud and in-character, different phrases and guess which were either uttered by McDuck or another famously wealthy man.

One of the things we’ve noticed about Scrooge Mcduck is he a billionaire tycoon and his name is on a lot of brands and he employs a lot of family members and that sounded familiar to us.

David Tennant Is Delighted

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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