Humans Help a Beautiful English Bulldog Puppy Who Was Born Without a Pelvis and Only Half of His Spine


Bonsai is an adorable English Bulldog puppy who was born with Caudal Regression and Sacrocaudal Dysgenesis, extremely rare conditions that result in a short spine, no pelvis and very tiny rear legs, which were recently amputated in order to help this beloved pup heal.

In addition, Bonsai was born a “Walrus Puppy” (water pup), engorged with fluid – which, combined with lack of mobility of the hind end, led to the condition of “Swimmer’s Syndrome” – just one tiny aspect of Bonsai’s overall condition. Swimmer’s Syndrome is a condition in which the chest of the newborn pup becomes dangerously flat and the functioning legs splay out to the sides – putting pressure on the internal organs. Swimmer’s syndrome is reversible with time and therapy – however, there is no “cure” or surgical intervention to aid Bonsai’s malformed spine and pelvis. Bonsai has undergone a bilateral amputation of both of his useless hind legs (on 6.25.15) and is doing very well in his recovery.

Bonsai is currently under the care of some very wonderful humans at the Friends Of Emma Rescue Center in in Fort Worth, Texas who are raising funds in order to provide Bonsai with the medical care he needs. They’ve also set up a wish list at Amazon.

As we move forward, Bonsai will require multiple in-depth diagnostics to better aid us with his internal anatomy in preparation of managing his unique conditions. (the most costly, being the MRI and other advanced imaging). The day to day expense of properly caring for any animal is high but for a pup like Bonsai, they are multiplied. Bonsai is a precious boy and deserving of every opportunity of health, wellness and a bright future that we are able to offer him. We have formed this fundraiser page as a place for Bonsai’s friends to offer financial support towards his care and treatment as we go along. Bonsai is a special character and we just hope to spread the word about him and bring awareness that those born different (animals and human alike) can still MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives and hearts of many.

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images via Bonsai – Half A Bulldog, Twice The Love