A Touching Film About an Idealistic Young Man Who Attempted to Walk Barefoot Across the United States

Barefoot: The Mark Baumer Story is a feature documentary by filmmaker Julie Sokolow (previously) about an idealistic young man named Mark Baumer who was determined to walk barefoot across the United States by himself to raise awareness around climate change. The film offers a touching glimpse into who Mark Baumer was, what his mission meant to him, and his spooky intuition during the 100 days of his journey.

From award-winning filmmaker Julie Sokolow comes this loving portrait of Mark Baumer, an environmental activist, avant-garde writer, and vegan, who hiked barefoot for over 100 days across America to draw attention to climate change. … Baumer narrates his offbeat take on life and how we all can make a difference. Skillfully edited from Baumer’s own self-recorded videos, along with interviews from family and friends, it’s a moving portrait filled with laughs, tragedy, and inspiration.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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