An Innovative Vest That Allows Happy Dogs to Post Their Photos Directly to Social Media

Pedigree Spain has partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid in order to promote the “Posting Tail“, an innovative vest that uses a Rasberry Pi processor to sense a happy wag which then triggers a tail sensor that alerts a camera to take a photo of whatever is making the dog happy and posts it directly to social media. The vest also has GPS to plot where these happy pictures came from. The vest is not yet available for purchase, however humans can register their dogs for a weeklong trial through Pedigree Spain.

The Posting Tail is a device that is able to understand what your dog likes and share it. When the dog see something that he likes he wags his tail in a particular way. An accelerometer detects this movement and sends a signal to the camera. The camera takes a picture that automatically uploads on to the pet social media. This device is made up of a sensor, a camera, a 3G wifi dongle and a Raspberry Pi processor that is able to recognize and distinguish a regular tail wag from a happy one.

via Fast Company, PetaPixel