Adorable Plush Characters Inspired by Wordplay

Sophia Adalaine, an artist in Ann Arbor, Michigan created Taneko, a really adorable line of plush characters that were inspired by puns and wordplay. The primary plush is Taneko the Octopuss, a friendly hybrid cat that has the arms of an octopus. The creature’s and the company’s name comes from a combination of the words tako (octopus in Japanese) and neko (cat in Japanese).

Taneko is an “octopuss,” capturing an octopus’ talent for camouflage and mimicry, and a cat’s fuzzy cuteness. Because of this, she likes changing her colors and trying different patterns. She also likes to mimic pop culture characters.

Taneko also has several friends who also have punny names. This includes Baby Lemon Shark, Torte-ise Tortes, Peanut-butter Jellyfish, Meow-Bao the Cat Loaf, and Repurposed Porpoises made from “reporpoised” materials.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips