A Couple of Bunnies Noisily Slurp Up a Plateful of Watermelon That Turns Their Little Mouths Pink

Bunnies Elliot and Niblet noisily slurp up a plateful of watermelon so quickly that it turns both their little mouths pink, just as if they each had put on a summery shade of lipstick, similar to what happened to that other bunny who ate some raspberries. The fact that the rabbits liked watermelon came as a surprise to their human.

Who knew that rabbits liked watermelon so much? I think Elliot would eat a whole one if I’d let him. Good grief. Make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear all the slurping and smacking action.

It seems that these bunnies are quite the little piggies, constantly chowing down on stalks of parsley, mowing down grass, and hopping around for a bit of banana throughout the years.