12 Hours of Tropical Coral Reef Fish at Monterey Bay Aquarium Swimming to a Calming Soundtrack

While the Monterey Bay Aquarium (previously) is closed to visitors, they are still putting together wonderfully relaxing videos of of their aquatic residents. In fact, the first new video of 2021 features 12 hours of colorful tropical coral reef fish. These brilliant swimmers are accompanied by a calming soundtrack they’ve quite puntifically named “The Littoral Relaxocean”.

Add some tropical coral reef vibes to your screens and warm up your day with 12 hours of Indo-Pacific fishes, soft corals, and anemones from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Splash Zone gallery! You’ll likely recognize Nemo and Dory (clown anemonefish and blue tangs respectively), but don’t sleep on the rabbitfish, surgeonfish, and angelfish drifting by—or maybe do sleep if this helps you drift off! Perfect for a second screen, living room ambiance, or a remote field station looking for a change of sea-nery.

12 Hours Of Tropical Coral Reef Fishes At Monterey Bay Aquarium