An Impressive 10 Year Old Guitarist Joins the Foo Fighters On the Stage to Play Some Metallica Songs

10 Year Old Guitarist Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters are getting rather well known for bringing unexpected musicians onto the stage and their October 12, 2018 Kansas City show was no exception. A remarkable 10 year old from Shawnee named Collier Rule strapped on a big baby blue hollow body electric guitar. While Rule didn’t know any Foo Fighters songs, he more than proved his chops with a medley of Metallica songs.

Dave Grohl did a great impression of James Hetfield during “Enter Sandman”, but could only get through the first verse as he didn’t know the rest. The most impressive part of the performance, however, was when the young Rule brought Grohl to his knees with the intro chords to “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)“. And the most heartwarming moment was when Grohl gave Rule his guitar.

A young Shawnee boy stole the show and captured hearts of many Friday at the Sprint Center when he was brought on stage to perform with the Foo Fighters.