Dave Grohl Invites a Fan in KISS Makeup Onstage to Shred Some Licks During ‘Monkey Wrench’

During the April 18, 2018 Foo Fighters show in Austin, Texas, frontman Dave Grohl spotted a fan in the audience wearing Gene Simmons’ iconic Demon makeup mask and told him to get his ass out on stage. Grohl then handed over his beautiful signature axe and let him play during “Monkey Wrench”. As it turns out, the “KISS guy” is actually Yayo Sanchez, an accomplished musician in his own right who knew exactly how to play to the crowd. He skillfully shredded licks upon command and had such an energetic stage presence that Grohl actually forgot the words to his own song.

Dave acknowledges a fan’s sign, pulls him onstage to play Monkeywrench, and the fan absolutely nails it. Dressed with Gene Simmons KISS makeup, said fan shreds a few solos. Dave is so stunned he forgets the Lyrics!

And here’s Yayo Sanchez just before the show.

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