Dan Newbie Plays Darude’s Trance Song ‘Sandstorm’ Using Beer Bottles, Wine Glasses, a Water Jug, and a Frying Pan

Dan Newbie (previously) has created a wonderful new video that shows him playing Darude‘s 1999 trance song “Sandstorm” using beer bottles, wine glasses, a water jug, and a frying pan. Newbie is currently raising funds on Patreon to keep his musical series of videos going strong.

The original version of the song for comparison:

Bayit Smart Wi-Fi Socket, A Wall Plug That Controls Appliance Power With a Mobile App

The Bayit Socket is a wall plug designed by Bayit Home Automation that utilizes an Android and iOS app to let users control the power to their home appliances with their mobile devices from anywhere in the world. The Socket, which also lets users set schedules and timers for different appliances, is currently available through the newly announced Laughing Squid Store for 27% off its retail price.

Bayit Socket

Bayit Socket

Bayit Socket

images via Laughing Squid Store

The Inspiration, A Lava Lamp-Style System With Ferrofluid Liquid That Can Be Manipulated With Magnets

The Inspiration is a lava lamp-style system created by Inspired Designs that replaces the standard colored wax with ferrofluid (previously), an extremely magnetic liquid that can be manipulated into cool shapes using magnets. The system is one of three configurations for which inventor Kyle Haines is currently seeking funding over at Kickstarter.

The Inspiration

The Inspiration

images via Inspired Designs

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Hermit Crabs Form Orderly Lines to Upgrade to Bigger Shells, Giving Their Old Shells to a Crab in Need

A fascinating clip from the BBC nature show Life Story shows a group of hermit crabs patiently forming an orderly line by their size when a new and larger shell washes up on shore. As the largest hermit crab leaves its shell to claim the new home, and the second-largest takes that now-vacant shell, and so on down the line until each crab has moved into a slightly larger shell.

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The Life of Ned Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’ Condensed Into a One-Minute Animated Speedrun

For Vanity Fair‘s new Game of Thrones Quick Draw series, they teamed up with 1A4 Studio (previously) to condense the life of Ned Stark (Sean Bean) in HBO‘s hit television series Game of Thrones into a one-minute animated speedrun.

The first installment of this new series follows Ned Stark from his earliest moments on-screen to his untimely end at the close of Season 1. Come for the cute, animated baby direwolves, stay for the Cersei double-cross. Ned Stark may be long gone, but he’ll never be forgotten.

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Hackaball, A Smart Glowing Ball With Sensors That Kids Can Program to Play Different Games

Hackaball is a smart, glowing ball that’s designed to be programmed by kids via an iPad to play a variety of fully customizable games. The project, which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, was created to encourage both an interest in programming as well as good, old-fashioned physical activity.

They’ve used Hackaball as props in plays, asked it questions like a magic 8 ball, woken up to it as an alarm clock and even pranked some parents by making it into a whoopee cushion!





images via Hackaball

A Filmmaker Tries to Photograph an Octopus Who Steals His Camera and Takes Photos of the Man Instead

octopus photographer

Filmmaker Benjamin Savard is currently making a film about the sciences at Middlebury College, but when he tried to take some photos of an octopus, the animal grabbed his camera and took some photos of its own, including shots of Savard. The camera was set to automatically take several photos per second, so Savard combined the images into a GIF that documents the camera theft.


images via reddit

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Google Contacts, A Revamped Cross-Platform Contact Management Application from Google

Google Contacts

Google Contacts is a newly revamped contact management system from Google designed to keep track of emails, phone numbers, and other information across different applications. The app, which is currently in public preview, offers a number of features designed to streamline the traditionally cumbersome process of maintaining contact information. The new Contacts also makes it easier to merge duplicate entries and includes recent emails and meeting information with contact cards.

You can now see your most recent emails and meetings with a person directly in their contact card. So whether it’s been two days or two years since your last conversation, it’s easier than ever to pick up right where you left off.

Google Contacts

Google Contacts

Google Contacts

images via Official Gmail Blog

Slow-Motion Video of a Low-Flying Commercial Airliner Landing Mere Feet Away From a Crowded Beach

A video posted by Paul Luning (@pluning) on

Travel writer Paul Luning captured slow-motion video of an extremely low-flying commercial airliner as it landed feet away from amazed spectators on the crowded Maho Beach on the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean. The beach has become a popular destination for plane spotters due to a short runway, which requires planes to touch down as early as possible.

Flying frequently tends to make one either bitter or obsessed with aviation. I fall into the latter category. Visiting Maho Beach in Saint Marteen was always on my bucket list. It’s as crazy as it looks–planes landing just feet from a public beach.

Jet Warning

image via Wikipedia

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