Giant Green Caterpillar Squeaks Adorably When Gently Touched By a Human

A giant green acleris semipurana caterpillar squeaks adorably when gently touched by a human. According to MrInsaneInside, a commenter who appears to have a little knowledge about the subject, the caterpillar was not being harmed.

She actually doesn’t even make the sound on purpose, when the guy touches her but she just automaticaly [sic] withdraws, her trachea gets squished and the air in it just gets out, making this sound. At least I think it works like this with caterpillars, I’m sure with Death’s Head Hawk Moth it does… bottom line, the caterpillar is not in pain, she’s just more like “dafuq?”

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The Griffin & Simpson Families Meet in Springfield on FOX’s New Crossover Episode of ‘Family Guy’ & ‘The Simpsons’

FOX recently aired a crossover episode of Family Guy and The Simpsons, titled “The Simpsons Guy,” that brought both the Griffin and Simpson families together for an adventure in the fictional town of Springfield. A playlist has been released on YouTube featuring clips of Peter’s quest to find his stolen family car. The full episode will soon be available to view on the FOX website.

The Griffins’ car is stolen, leaving them to explore a small town in an unnamed state.

The Simpsons Guy Crossover Episode

The Simpsons Guy Crossover Episode

The Simpsons Guy Crossover Episode

Artist Christoph Niemann Creates an Animated Cover for The New Yorker Depicting New York City Traffic on a Rainy Day


Artist Christoph Niemann created an animated version of his cover for The New Yorker magazine depicting New York City traffic on a rainy day for the October 6th, 2014 issue. The New Yorker also posted two of Niemann’s earlier sketches of rainy-day traffic.

When I arrived in New York for the first time, it was pouring. Maybe that’s why, to my mind, there’s no place on earth where being stuck in traffic on a rainy day is more beautiful.



images via The New Yorker

‘Vanapalooza’, A Brief Animated History of the Van Dating Back to 1896

“Vanapalooza” is a brief animated short produced by Mercedes-Benz that explores the history of the van. The video goes all the way back to its invention in the late 19th century.

In 1896, automotive engineer Gottlieb Daimler, tired of tired horses, slapped a gasoline engine on a cart. He had invented the first truck. Seeing an opportunity, Karl Benz stuck a box on the back of his truck and, voila, the van was born.

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