The Suitsy, A Business-Suit Onesie for Adults by Betabrand

Betabrand Suitsy Business-Suit Onesie

The Suitsy is a business-suit onesie for adults that is currently being considered at Betabrand under their product development Think Tank project — where products are submitted and voted on by the community for a possible production run. The Suitsy gives the illusion that a person is wearing a suit, but in reality it is a comfortable zip-up onesie.

The Suitsy was submitted to Betabrand by inventor Jesse Herzog who also created a video of himself zipping up the product.

The Suitsy is a jacket connected to a shirt connected to pants. A zipper is hidden behind the shirt-button placket (with false buttons) and pants zipper. Fake shirt-cuff material extends from the end of the jacket sleeves to give the impression of a complete dress shirt worn underneath. It’s as if a jumpsuit and a business suit had a lovechild.

image via Betabrand

‘Shoot the Moon’, A Documentary About the Quest to Build an Elevator to Outer Space

Shoot the Moon is an upcoming documentary directed by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Benjamin Harrison that tells the story of Michael Laine and David Shoemaker of the LiftPort Group, who are attempting to build an elevator to outer space. The invention — which would be the first of its kind — could help dramatically reduce the cost of space travel.

12 men have set foot on the moon, and getting them there cost $25.4 billion dollars. The last moonwalk ended more than 40 years ago. Two men, Michael and David, are dedicating their lives to creating the next great leap for humanity, and they think they can give us permanent access to the moon for less than a billion dollars.

The documentary is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Shoot the Moon

image via Shoot the Moon

Steam Curators, A New Way to Discover Interesting Video Games on Valve’s Digital Distribution Platform

Steam Curators

Valve has updated their video game digital distribution platform Steam, and a major part of the new version is the inclusion of Steam Curators. Curators are essentially groups that create lists of video games, and users can view these lists as store pages where individual video games can be purchased.

The update also includes an improved search with filters and a Home page redesign with recommendations based on previously played titles as well as purchases and the recommendations of friends.

“We have made great efforts to increase the number of titles we can publish on Steam, which means more choices for customers,” said Alden Kroll of Valve. “This update introduces multiple features and functionality to help customers explore Steam’s growing catalog and find the games they are most interested in playing.”

First-Person Video of Bike Messengers Riding Through the Chaotic Streets of Manhattan

BuzzFeed has captured some first-person video of New York City bike messengers Greg Ugalde and Nick Moers of the Zipments delivery service making their way through the hectic and harrowing streets of Manhattan.

It’s a good job for people who didn’t like school, who never like authority. It’s a good job for somebody who needs a job because they pretty much burned all their bridges and are tired of living day to day.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

A 1917 ‘New York Times’ Article Inviting ‘Unborn Editors’ to Open a Copper Box Time Capsule in 2015

Copper Box

A recently unearthed New York Times article from the January 20th, 1917 invites “unborn editors” and public officials to open a copper box placed in a vault in Ashburnham, Massachusetts in 2015. The Times capsule includes a 1915 copy of the paper, messages from prominent people, and “other matter of probable interest.”

image via The New York Times

via Bill Wasik