Devoted Rooster Excitedly Runs Alongside the Family Dogs To Welcome His Human Home


??Dont mind my high pitched pet voice?? ?? It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but I wanted to share this video of my roo Yankee (he had one long tail feather for the longest time ?) and his reaction every evening when I come home from work. He has bonded with me and he is such a sweet Roo! I have 14 hens and he could care less about being around them if I’m outside too, he will follow me everywhere and sit on my lap. ? Anyone else have a roo that has bonded with them?? #backyardchickens #backyardflock #chicktok #chickensoftiktok #fyp #foryoupage #fyp? #chickentender #rooster #potd #chicken #roo #tiktok #viral #sweet #funny

? Sneaky Friends – Eitan Epstein Music

A devoted rooster named Ruby Roo is so bonded with his human Lena Virgina that he excitedly runs alongside the family dogs so he can be the first to greet her when she comes home from work.

I have a roo that bonded with me and this is how he greets me when he gets home from work.

Ruby Roo Is a Bit of a Goofball at Times

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Lori Dorn

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