Ze Frank Hilariously Narrates True Facts About the Highly Collaborative Nature of Leafcutter Ants

Ants Carrying an Aphid

In a eusocial episode from his hilarious flora and fauna-focused video series True Facts, narrator Ze Frank hilariously chronicles footage that exhibits the highly collaborative nature of treecutter ants. In his distinctive style, Frank names the ants, admonishes and then proceeds to explain how they use the leaves to create an underground fungus garden and the various sources from which these ants find their nutrition.

..ants have developed a mutualistic relationship with aphids sometimes referred to as “ant cows” a name which neither cows nor aphids are fond of…ants often milk the aphids by stroking their ears to stimulate the flow of sugar rich secretions – put it together man. The ants then suck up that honey dew into their two stomachs one for themselves and another one to feed their friends through a process called trophallaxis or reciprocal feeding. In summary the ants eat aphid poop and puke it into their friends mouths.

Mutual Ants

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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