Dancers Meet Up With Each Other on a Spinning Platform in a Gravity-Defying Performance


Yoann Bourgeois is a French dancer, choreographer, and artist. #yoannbourgeois #fyp #art #viral #newyork #targetaudience

? original sound – absent.figure

Creative choreographer Yoann Bourgeois and a female dancer performed a beautifully emotive, gravity-defying pas de deux upon a spinning platform that repeatedly brought them together and separated them as the surface revolved.


And I am back on my stairs! I’m not done with going up and down #yoannbourgeois #artistic #viral

? son original – Yoann Bourgeois

This dance was also performed during the Bourgeois exhibition “Les Grandes Fantômes” at the Festival Resis de A Coruña in August 2020.

‘Les Grande Fantômes’ was one of the five video art works exhibited that work on the body, space and time as a concept of art in motion from different perspectives, but one point in common. Figures in motion that explore the universe shared between choreographic art and poetry.

Harry Styles also performed a version of this same dance for his song “As It Was”, which Bourgeois choreographed.

Lori Dorn
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