Dancer Performs a Gorgeous Ballet With a Responsive Reticulating Single Arm Robot

Pas de deux Huang Yi Kuka

During a TED Talk event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Taiwanese choreographer and engineer Huang Yi performed an absolutely gorgeous pas de deux with an emotionally responsive, intricately reticulating single arm robot affectionately named KUKA. For this performance, KUKA was programmed to move not only in harmony with both the graceful movements of the dance but with the sound of Joshua Roman‘s starkly beautiful cello solo.

Huang Yi’s pioneering work is steeped in his fascination with the partnership between humans and robots. He interweaves continuous movement with mechanical and multimedia elements to create a form of dance which corresponds with the flow of data, effectively making the performer a dancing instrument.

Here’s a wonderful compilation of performances with Huang Yi and KUKA.

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