The World’s Longest Hot Wheels Track

Former NASA engineer and entertaining science vlogger Mark Rober utilized his new, massive warehouse space inside Crunch Labs to build the World’s Longest Hot Wheels Track, a feat that he had been wanting to accomplish for a long time. The track runs more than a half-mile, albeit not in a straight line. And, while this definitely beats the current Guinness World Record of just under a half-mile, Rober’s track has was not officially deemed the longest as of this writing.

Since I was like eight years old I’ve had this dream to design and build my own warehouse and this is it. Welcome to Crunch labs …if you look right here we’ve got the start and finish line of the world’s longest Hot Wheels track at over a half a mile.

Space Monkey Films captured this massive endeavor by air.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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