Woodworking Expert Marvels at the Ingenuity of European Windows That Open Several Ways

Expert woodworker and engineer Matthias Wandel, about whom we’ve previously written, excitedly marveled at the ingenuity and versatility of “tilt and turn” windows that can be easily found in many European homes.

I love how windows in Europe work. Both sides open, and they open all the way. Quite the opposite of windows in North America, many of which hardly open at all. Of course, this style of window isn’t cheap, and if you special order them from here, they cost even more. They call them “tilt and turn” windows in North America (I guess in Europe, they are just called windows)

In January 2016, Hungry Gizmo showed off the features of windows that are commonly found in Finnish homes.

A look at the typical Finnish Window. Jealous of our super awesome high-tec windows? likely.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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