Woodturning a Coffee Mug Out of a Small Apple Log

Apple Log Coffee Mug

Woodturner Matt Jordan shared an instructional video showing how to make a coffee mug from a small apple log. This surprisingly hypnotic demonstration reveals each step he took in transforming the raw piece of wood into a beautifully burled, water-proof coffee mug, complete with pewter handle.

The mug is made from a small apple log with plenty of burl, the handle is also made from burl but with a Pewter centre piece. The mug is finished with Pure Tung oil, this oil is food safe and provides a very good waterproof coating, the only downside is the time taken to apply in at least 5 coats and then around 4 weeks to fully cure, however once done it provides a very durable waterproof coating that can sustain hot drinks, etc and hand washing.

The wood Jordan uses is from naturally felled and trimmed trees.

All of the wood I work with is handpicked by me, and in most cases obtained through normal maintenance work to trees, and not from felling. Any bought wood is always obtained through a sustainable supplier.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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