A Wolf Pup Attempts to Howl But Can’t Quite Get It Out

The Voyageurs Wolf Project once again captured adorable footage of a wolf pup trying his very best to let out his first howl. Unlike his vocal sibling, this pup wasn’t quite as successful.

This Paradise Pack pup was trying his best to howl but just couldn’t quite get it out. One thing is clear: his sibling behind him didn’t seem to think much of it!

Tiny Wolf Pup Tries to Howl

This pup and his siblings are part of a litter that’s known as the Paradise Pack, which is under the watchful eye of the Project.

The Paradise Pack’s second den (called a “maternal den”) was in the rotten, hollowed-out space under the base of some ancient cedar trees. The den was basically an impenetrable fortress. The pack’s first den (called a “natal den”) was a dug out area underneath a leaning cedar tree but the pack moved their pups to this new den after spending 3 weeks at the first den. Wolves commonly move their pups to new dens in our area. Some packs will use 3 or 4 different dens in the spring.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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