The Gender Disparity In How ‘Wig Reveals’ Have Been Traditionally Portrayed in Film and Television

Writer/comedian Kevin Maher took a very humorous but very real look at the gender disparity in how “wig reveals” are portrayed in films and television shows. A man wearing wig (toupee) has traditionally been portrayed as undeservedly powerful, hiding a terrible secret and eventually suffering some form of humiliation by a person with lesser power. On the other hand, a woman losing her wig is seen as powerful, badass and threatening, or perhaps just a man in disguise as a woman.

A comedic and comprehensive look at the wig gag as it appears in movies and TV shows from the past 90 years, specifically comparing how it’s played differently when a man loses his toupee vs. when a woman loses her wig.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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