A Giant Dachshund Takes Over the Streets of Ottawa

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund took on his largest role yet in the short film “Wienerzilla” with his portrayal of a giant dachshund who took over Ottawa, Canada. This role had the super-sized Crusoe stomping through the city streets, knocking down buildings, hot dog carts, and the cookie factory in town. Crusoe’s little sister Daphne provided the ongoing news commentary throughout the film

The film starts with Crusoe, the adorable giant monster wiener dog walking down a quiet city street, when he comes up to the sniff the window of an unsuspecting girl and her father. After his happy tail wag at the sight of a hot dog cart sends the girl and her father flying, they decide to embark on a mission to stop the giant dachshund at all costs.

It looked like nothing could be done about this adorable yet destructive giant until a father and daughter team devised a fail-safe idea that would shrink Crusoe back to his normal size.

So the race is on to save the city from the rampage of Wienerzilla Dogzilla, attempting to lure the big dachshund with a squeaky ball to the right spot for an ambush! Will it work?

Here’s how they did it.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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