Orlando Couple Modifies Their Yard and House to Keep Their Rescued Swan Safe and Happy

A beautiful swan named Lola, who was found outside her nest as a chick after being rejected by her mother, became an integral part of the very generous couple in Orlando, Florida who saved her. Lola’s human Andrew explains that they tried to release her back into the wild, but she was attacked immediately.

We thought we’ll give it a shot, get her to the size that we need her to be able to fend for herself, and then we’ll re-introduce her to her sibling. They developed a bond we thought great we what a success. Unfortunately, since Lola did not grow up on that lake and navigate the waters, she went into an area where one of the most aggressive swans was and was attacked by this male swan.

Knowing it wasn’t safe for Lola to return to the lake, Andrew renovated his yard and his house to accommodate Lola, per the request of the Regal Swan Foundation. They fenced off part of the lake so that she could swim and they built her a shade structure on their back terrace.

We consulted with the Regal Swan Foundation. They came and took a look at our yard our access to the lake and said she is absolutely best here with you. we had to do a lot of modifications for our backyard…we built a very extensive home for her outside and she’s very protected, but every night she would walk to the bottom of our stairs …waiting for us to come bring her inside. So we obliged. Of course every night she comes pretty much the same time.

Lola Has Become the Center of Their Lives

The pair have fallen in love with Lola and that love is certainly reciprocated.

In the morning we pick her up we bring her outside and we have the same routine. Sometimes she sleeps in her house outside, but she definitely prefers to be inside with us… it’s absolutely incredibly endearing that every time we walk outside that she comes up and wants to come spend time with us. she is everything to us. Our life truly revolves around her. 

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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