Widow Turns Her Late Husband’s Glasses Into an Adorable Snowman Ornament for Her Christmas Tree

Widow Turns Husbands Glasses to Snowman Ornament

Christy Hester of Twin Lake, Michigan, who sadly lost her husband Richard in January 2020, remembered him in a touching manner when she transformed his glasses into an adorable snowman ornament that she hung on her Christmas tree. The snowman was made with acrylic paint, pipe cleaners, and a marker.

My husband passed away this year, and I believe he is watching over us, so I turned his eyeglasses into an ornament as a nice remembrance!

Hester told GMA that this was a truly fitting tribute as Richard always kept his glasses on the night table.

His glasses always sat at the bedside table. Some things you keep, and some things you don’t. I decided to keep them.

Christmas Tree Eyeglasses

Christmas Tree Ornament Glasses Paint

Christmas Tree Ornament Eyeglasses In Hand

Christmas Tree Ornament Eyeglasses

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