Why Cats Sleep On Top of Their Humans

Cat expert Jackson Galaxy talks about the reasons why some cats sleep on top of their humans.

So why does your cat sleep on you? Let’s break it down and give you the best answer. So the next time your cat sleeps on you, you can go, Oh, I know why you’re doing this.

He explains that cats like warm things and human bodies are warm. He also notes that cats are territorial creatures and like to get their scent everywhere. Additionally, cats feel safe using their human and/or other cats as pillows as they did in kittenhood. The real reason why, however, is that they are expressing their love.

The bond is really tight between you and  your cat. We think about them as being aloof, independent, you know, they don’t really care about us that those are the things that non-cat people will say about cats. But the fact  is, this is a demonstration of the opposite. That they really are seeking out not just your companionship, but your love, what you bring in terms of safety  and security and warmth and and, you know, kitten hurt and all that stuff. But it all just translates into my cat loves me.  

Galaxy also addresses the concern that not all cats sleep on top of their humans. This doesn’t mean that they love their humans any less, it just means that they express their love differently.

Don’t forget all cats are individuals, whether it’s what cats were exposed  to or not when they were little.  …And whether your cat has a  bed that sits on the nightstand and maybe they sleep in that, or whether they just come up and body mark your legs while you’re sitting  on the couch, it doesn’t matter. If you look, your cat is going to send you signals that they love you and it doesn’t have to be sleeping on top of you all the time.

Why Do Cats Sleep on Their Humans
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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