Why Cats Love Cardboard Boxes

Cat expert Jackson Galaxy explained the various reasons why cats love boxes, particularly those made of cardboard.

I just figured I would show you what Google is showing me that you’re asking Google and….And one of the first ones that normally comes up is why do cats love boxes? Let’s do it. Why do cats love boxes?

As it turns out, the love of boxes has to do with the fact that the enclosed space provides cover and concealment for hunting (and being hunted) and retains body heat, the smaller, the better (If it fits, I sits). It also appeals to their mischievous natures.

So the box gives them cover from predators and cover to let them get prey all at the same time. ….Cats are also not as able to control their own body temperatures as many other animals. So a box is a nifty place to go to retain their body heat… but having that pressure on their sides helps them preservetheir body temperature. …And then there’s the final reason, because it’s fun.

Why Cats Love Boxes

He also explains that while cats love boxes, they don’t necessarily like their carriers.

The fact is, if we never picked up that carrier, if we introduced our cats to a carrier and all that ever happened in there was blankets and cuddling and and treats. Even if we close the door, it wouldn’t matter. It’s the fact that we have only used that carrier to pick them up and take them someplace. You know, the lesson learned here is if you want your cat to learn to love their crate, first of all, introduce it to them early on. Leave it where it is. Good things happen in almost all the time. And every now and again, we pick it up and take you somewhere.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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