How the Extremely Complex Nature of Cancer Makes It So Incredibly Difficult to Find a Lasting Cure

In the rather intense but very informative TED-Ed animation entitled “Why Is it So Hard to Cure Cancer?” educator and scientist Kyuson Yun explains the challenges that researchers and doctors face in the seemingly never ending quest to eradicate cancer for good. Unfortunately, due to the many variations of cancer, the strength and ability of cancerous cells to quickly multiply, genetic mutations and limited treatment options, finding a cure is so much more difficult. But there is hope for the future.

Malignant cancers are complex systems that constantly evolve and adapt. To defeat them, we need to find experimental systems that match their complexity, and monitoring and treatment options that can adjust as the cancer changes. But the good news is we’re making progress. …We’re learning more every day, and each new piece of information gives us one more tool to add to our arsenal.