A Quirky White Cat With Expressive ‘Eyebrows’

A white Turkish Van cat named Hénri, who lives in Toronto with his beloved human Megan, has unique markings above his eyes that look like expressive, slightly off-centered eyebrows.

Megan explains that Hénri and his litter were an unexpected pregnancy for the parents, so they were all put up for adoption at an early age before they could imprint upon each other.

Hénri was surrendered when he was under a month old with all of his brothers and sisters. Both of his parents are Turkish fan cats and I think it was just an unexpected birth. …he’s a little bit shy but he also does the chewing thing. they think because he was surrendered without his parents at such a young age he developed that to comfort himself. So he likes his chew and it looks like he’s talking.

Megan chose Hénri because of his expressive eyebrows and quirky personality.

We bonded instantly. Yeah it was a perfect match. He’s an angel. His little eyebrows stood out more when he was a kitten because he was so small…he’s very quirky very clumsy for a cat he’s not very good at jumping. Not very agile …He loves to make biscuits and he’ll do that for hours …He looks at you he looks worried and he looks genuinely concerned. It makes me laugh.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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