A Side-By-Side Taste Test Between a Traditional White Castle Burger Slider and an Impossible Burger

On April 12, 2018, Impossible Foods let legions of their new fans know that their incredible “bleeding” plant-based Impossible Burger would be featured as the newest item at White Castle, a longtime hamburger haunt. Always eager to check out (or create) the latest, greatest new thing, vlogger Casey Neistat and filmmaker Oscar Boyson (previously) decided to do a side-by-side taste test between the traditional White Castle slider and an Impossible slider. After tasting the beef slider, duo first noticed the weight, smell and look of the Impossible slider before tasting it. Both Neistat and Boyson preferred latter slider over the former.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for this is the Impossible real-life vs. Impossible Foods photo. It does look better. It looks better and it’s heavier ….it smells smoky it smells beefier than the beef. I like it better. Yeah it’s not even close to a veggie burger or a tofu burger anything about that it’s very very much a burger this tastes like a burger. It tastes like meat substantial meat

Neistat’s wife Candice and friend willingly submitted to a double blind taste test of the two sliders. The Impossible slider wasn’t nearly as popular with them.

Candice Impossible Slider

While it didn’t please everyone, the Impossible Slider is nonetheless a welcome addition to White Castle’s menu.