The Puppet Master for Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ Recounts Challenges He Faced While Making the Film

Puppet Master Andy Gent, who worked with director Wes Anderson on the stop-motion film Isle of Dogs recounted to Variety the numerous challenges he faced in building the puppetry in miniature, ensuring that the puppetry was believable and keeping the flow of the story going through that puppetry.

It was a huge challenge – a huge challenge and I think probably the most ambitious stop-motion film certainly I’ve ever worked on. There’s always a lot of detail. Stop-motion sort of thrives on that you know. You’re creating miniatures, so when you create miniatures they have to be absolutely working miniature versions of the real life. So everything has to have that level of authenticity.

Here’s that sushi making scene to which Gent referred in the interview and a behind-the-scenes timelapse showing how it was created.