Old Timey Singer Performs ‘Well, This Is Sh*t’, An Original Song Dedicated to the Year 2020

Old-timey, banjolele-playing musician Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq., who previously had No More F***s to give, performed a completely fitting original song dedicated to the year 2020 that’s aptly entitled “Well,This is Sh*t”.

I don’t need positive affirmations
I need to scream and bawl
The unrealistic expectations
Won’t help with this at all
This is sh*t well this is sh*t
I’m not expecting answers because
They’re out of your remit
I’m not looking for solutions
Just for someone to admit
That this is sh*t this is sh*t this is sh*t

Musician Tom Carradine accompanied Wild on piano.

A song about the majority of 2020! Written and performed by Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. with piano by Tom Carradine.

The single is available for download through Wild’s site and various merchandise can be purchased through Wild’s Dizzyjam store.