Multiple Versions of Rivers Cuomo Appear in the Same Frame for Weezer’s ‘What Happens After You?’

Renowned motion designer Peter Quinn shot the video for the Weezer song “What Happens After You?” entirely on an Insta360 camera. The camera effects allowed many versions of frontman Rivers Cuomo to appear in the same 360° frame, playing different instruments simultaneously.

Why have one Rivers when you can have many?!

According to the Insta360 blog, Quinn carefully set up the shots to get this rounded effect.

First, Quinn set up his Insta360 in the studio and had Cuomo play different instruments at predefined locations. Following that, he used the Adobe After Effects plugin for Insta360 reframing. By merging all the takes together and masking the footage, it was then just a case of choosing which Cuomo clone to aim at for each part of the track. 

Weezer What Happens After You
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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