Architect and Son Design Height Adjustable Segway Style ‘Walking Wheelchair’ For Eye Level Conversation

British architect Suzanne Brewer and her son Jarvis have designed a truly inspired height-adjustable “Walking Wheelchair” that allows users to come up to eye level height without compromising their balance. The wheelbase design is based upon a Segway mover and the design for the body is on an original idea Jarvis had for a bicycle seat.

Architect Suzanne and her schoolboy son Jarvis invented the Walking Wheelchair in summer 2018. Suzanne saw a children’s enterprise competition on Sky News Channel and encouraged Jarvis to enter. The idea was inspired by a man in a wheelchair at the rugby club who couldn’t get to the bar in the Christmas rush. …After a very steep learning curve, they have built & patented a prototype they are happy with. They are now looking for someone to progress it and bring to market.

Since that time, Brewer submitted the design to various competitions. In October 2020, they came in first in the Dezeen Awards Public Vote.

via Nag on the Lake