‘Voice of the Village’, Filmmaker Launches Indiegogo Project to Memorialize the Prolific Folk Singer Jack Hardy

Voice of the Village – The Legend of Jack Hardy is a forthcoming film to memorialize the prolific singer/songwriter Jack Hardy and his enormous influence on the New York City folk music scene until his untimely death in 2011 at the age of 63. Filmmaker Charlie Spickler of Reel Brooklyn Films has launched an Indiegogo Project to raise funds to help with funding the film.

In the mid-1970s Jack began hosting a Monday night songwriter’s circle in his apartment on Houston Street, open to both seasoned veterans as well as beginners. At the same time he began what would become the songwriter’s night at the Cornelia Street Cafe. That songwriter’s group eventually became the Songwriter’s Exchange which released its first album on Stash records in 1980. In 1982 Jack founded, and became the editor of the Fast Folk Musical Magazine. Jack Hardy was a mover and shaker in his own way. He touched the lives of many talented songwriters with his ear, his voice and his infectious spirit. Never one to shy away from telling the truth or letting people know what he thought, Jack’s songs are a mirror of who he was. His understanding of the human condition and what was important made his music relevant on the most visceral level. He had something to say and he said it.