Artist Paints Realistic 3D Copy of the Boat His Neighbor Was Ordered by the City to Hide Behind a Fence

Artist Hanif Panni shared a humorous timelapse of an incredibly realistic 3D boat mural he painted onto a fence that his neighbor in Seaside, California, was ordered by the city to install in order to keep his watercraft out of public sight.

The neighbor contacted Panni, who was more than happy to comply. The mural is an amazing copy of the neighbor’s boat and perfectly aligns with the parts of the boat that peek over the fence and part of the driveway.

My neighbor has a sea-faring vessel which he parks on the side of his home. A few weeks ago, he received a letter from the city stating he needed to build a new fence to hide said vessel from view of the street. After reluctantly building the fence and driveway, he presented a sassy idea to me that would require my artistic skills.

Panni Summed Up the Whole Project Beautifully

A painting of boat in a driveway next to a house on a fence in front of a boat in a driveway next to a house!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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