A Rescued Cat With Amputated Front Legs Waddles Around the House Like a Furry T-Rex

A sweet little tabby named Duck, who had both her front legs amputated when she was a kitten, looks like a tiny furry T-Rex as she waddles around the house, but she doesn’t let her lack of paws slow her down.

I’m a double amputee rescue. What I lack in legs, I make up for in personality

Her Human Cody Explained How Duck Came Into His Life

She got brought into my sister’s clinic who wanted to try to save her life and had to amputate her poor little legs. She was probably chilling in a car engine and probably got her legs caugh up and she survived that. My sister wanted to bring her over to foster and so probably within a day of just having her, I decided to keep her. When I met her, I fell in love immediately.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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