Brave Cat Who Lost His Legs to Car Accident Adjusts Beautifully to His Life As a Bionic Cat With Prosthetics

A brave little orange tabby named Vituzzo Superstar , who lives in Milan, Italy with his loving humans, has adjusted beautifully to his new life with prosthetic feet after a car accidentally ran over him in 2018.

When this accident occurred, his humans were off on their honeymoon. Luckily, however, the people watching him took him to the hospital immediately. Despite the veterinarian’s best efforts, Vito’s legs had to be amputated.

… a few days ago [December 2018] I went under a car and lost a leg. Luckily Ramona Linzola found me and immediately took me to the vet. They immediately operated on me to save the other leg, but yesterday they had to amputate that too. Elena and Manu have looked after me and loved me in these terrible days because my moms were on their honeymoon in India. Today, however, they came back and gave me a nice Christmas present. Now I will try to walk with prostheses: it will be a very long and difficult thing.

When his humans returned, Vito was quickly fitted for his prosthetic replacements. It’s been a long road for Vituzzo, but he seems quite accustomed to his sleek, bionic legs and is determined to make them work for him.

Okay, the road to becoming a perfect bionic cat is still long, but I make small improvements every day.