Artist Paints Vintage Plates With Realistic 3D Food

Christina Kunanets, a talented artist in Lviv, Ukraine paints vintage plates with highly realistic 3D food of all kinds, all of which looks truly good enough to eat. According to Business Insider, Kunanets first paints the vintage-inspired plate onto a round canvas before sketching out her yummy designs with thick oil paints.

Some of her creations include a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, avocado toast, and a Nutella croissant. She paints the plate and food onto a round canvas, then uses a mixture of thick paints to create the textured spreads and icings on the food.

Kunanets states that all of her art is done out to help evoke good memories. Her work can be purchased through the UwannaArt Etsy Shop.

Every simple thing, at first sight, carries information, association, memories and a moment of ‘deja vu’. …For example, imagine a cup of coffee that will remind you of an important conversation or event in your life. Or even a specific cocktail picture will recall you some interesting acquaintance. Or croissant – about your first trip to Paris. …Everything created by human hands is full of love, each detail is just perfect. Moreover, if something is created with pleasure – it is filled only with positive content

Here’s a compilation of Kunanets’ work.