An 85 Year Old Union Civil War Veteran Sings of His Fallen Comrades on a Heartbreaking 1927 Record

In 1927, 85 year old Lauren Higbie, who proudly served as a Union soldier during the Civil War, sang “Veteran’s Last Song“, a heartbreaking tune that pays profound homage to his fallen comrades. Collector MusicBoxBoy stated in 2009 that he found this 78 record at a flea market and it’s been one of his favorites ever since.

This is a rare recording entitled “Veteran’s Last Song” on the circa 1927 Electra label featuring 85 year old Lauren Higbie as he sings a very memorable and breathtaking tribute to his fallen Civil War comrades and his life as a Civil War veteran. … I found this record many years ago while walking around a flea market and since that day have considered it one of the real treasures of my record collection.