The Dodo Gives Sword Fighting Dog a New Wooden Sword After Her Favorite One Broke

A beautiful Australian shepherd named Lady Pinto Bean, who loves to sword fight with her humans, was given a new toy sword by Tarang Panchal of The Dodo after her favorite one broke.

When we found out this sweet dog’s sword broke, we just had to come to the rescue… watch her become a sword fighting hero again!

Panchal had previously worked with Anna and Luke, Lady Pinto Bean’s humans who told him how heartbroken she was when they had to put her beloved sword to rest. He had come across the sword-fighting trio on social media and was really intrigued.

I grew up playing a lot of video games so when I came across Lady Pinto Bean on Instagram. I was a little intrigued her parents would make skits on RPGs using fake swords and I thought that was cool they started noticing that Pinto Bean would watch them sword fight. And you can tell she really wanted to be included in it so that she took matters into her own hands. 

The couple said that the sword brought out a great deal of playfulness in their dog.

We really play it up that she’s fierce and that’s not her character at all. She is a huge Couch Potato. when we do start playing she can go for hours and hours and she does not go lightly with her weapon.

Lady Pinto Bean’s Sword Fighting Reel

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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