An Unexpected Australian Brush-Tail Possum Snacks Upon Plants in a Gardening Store

Possum Snacking Upon Strawberry Leaves

While shopping in the gardening section of a hardware store in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, a couple came upon an unexpected but adorable Australian Brush-Tail Possum who was furiously snacking upon the leaves of a plant. Upon seeing the camera, the little marsupial stopped eating and stared at the interrupting humans with big, unblinking eyes until they felt the need to walk away.

While wandering through the garden section of a hardware store, I was surprised to see a very special animal customer eating the tomato and strawberry seedlings. A native Australian brush-tail possum, which is usually nocturnal must have felt a bit hungry. He didn’t appear to be frightened and seemed to relish the attention! Protected by law they can’t move him more than 30 meters away from where he is found

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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