A Beautiful Series of Elegant Digital Insects Gracefully Formed From Letters of Different Fonts

Typographic Insects Butterfly

Graphic designer Xavier Segers, who also goes by the name The Last Dodo has created “Typographic Insects“, a beautiful series of elegant digital arthropods gracefully formed out of letters from fonts that he first learned as a design student.

Designed as a tribute, my insects were chosen to reflect the individual qualities of the very first fonts I came across as a student. …Each insect is formed by letters from a different font. Bee – Optima / Moth – Myriad pro / Butterfly – Edwardian / Mosquito – Papyrus / Beetle – Helvetica / Earthworm – Ayuthaya / Ant – Bask Old Face / Wasp – Eccentric

Typographic Insects

Typographic Insects Ant

Typographic Insects Mosquito

Typographic Insects Moth

images by Xavier Segers

via The Awesomer