Twin Unnamed Baby Red Pandas Play, Sleep, Eat and Snuggle Together at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska

Adorable twin red panda babies happily play, sleep, eat and snuggle together at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Lincoln, Nebraska. The twins, who were born on July 1, 2014, are being hand-raised by keepers at the zoo because their mother needed assistance in raising them.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo is excited to announce two new additions to the Zoo family! Red panda twins, a boy and girl, were born on July 1. The cubs, who are being hand raised because their mother needed help taking care of them, are doing great! The female cub has a stuffed animal frog who she is friends with and loves napping on. The male cub is full of energy and loves to pick on his sister until she wrestles back and he runs away.

The zoo has recently put out a call to the public to help name these little cuties.

Our new red panda twins (a boy and a girl) need names and you can help! #LNKzoo Submit your name idea(s) by commenting on this post or stopping by Treetop Toys at the Zoo! The contest will run from Monday, Sept 22 to Monday, Sept 29. The name winner will get a special meet and greet with the cubs and names will be announced October 14!

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