A Unique Floating Hotel Room Covered in Hundreds of Sustainable Birdhouses

The TreeHotel Biosphere is an amazing floating hotel room built amongst the pine forest trees of Northern Swedish Lapland and it is covered in hundreds of birdhouses to preserve and foster the local bird population. Designers Bjarke Ingels Group wanted the room to remain as organic as possible while providing a modern interior for guests.

With a façade containing 350 bird nests, Treehotel aims to decrease the downward spiral of the bird population in the Swedish woods and instead strengthen the biosphere and natural habitat.

The room is accessed via a suspended rope bridge and is decorated with the colors of the forest.

The interior of the 34m2 hotel room incorporates rich dark interiors and organic materials inspired by the surrounding landscape, which further serve to reinforce the visitors’ view outwards and to focus on the natural beauty of the surroundings.

This is a part of the larger offering of unique tree rooms at the TreeHotel, such as the Cabin Room the Mirrorcube Room, the 7th Room, the Blue Cone, and the UFO Room.

At Treehotel in Harads you’ll have an unforgettable experience …Each treeroom is a unique creation by Scandinavia’s leading architects. The modern design combined with the quiet of the forest creates an instant feeling of luxurious relaxation.

via Boing Boing