Artist Channels His Environmental Anxiety With Intricate Illusory Wall Murals Made From Non-Recyclable Trash

As the third part of their video trilogy addressing artists dedicated to peculiar mediums, Rhode Island production house Gnarly Bay profiled the very forthright artist Thomas Deininger, whose studio was not far from theirs. Deininger, a self-described “optimistic nihilist” creates wonderfully intricate, pointed and illusory species-specific wall murals made of non-recyclable trash. The act of making art from garbage allows the artist to channel his anxiety about the environment and still hold out hope for humanity.

Tom welcomed us into his world and shared his perspectives on some big themes and how his anxieties and fears about human consumption and plastic waste create the foundation of his medium for artistic expression. His art has so many layers of social commentary and with a super futuristic macro probe lens we were able to enter these microcosmic hot-glued havens of hedonism in order to confront this perverse plastic waste challenge that humanity *us included* needs to stop ignoring.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips