Cat Behaviorist Stresses the Importance of Starting Socialization When a Kitten Is Very Young

The wonderfully animated Simon’s Cat series “Simon’s Cat Care“, cat behaviorist Nicky Trevorrow explained what happens after one decides to bring a kitten into their home. Trevorrow emphasized the importance of what the kitten does and doesn’t eat, how the kitten reacts to environmental stimuli and providing necessary playtime. She also stressed the need for good socialization skills, particularly with children and other animals in the house with a short animation showing what happens when a cat/kitten relationship starts off wrong.

Simon's Cat Jealousy

The kitten socialization period- this is between two to seven or eight weeks of age and this is an important window of time when they’re learning so much information about their environment as well as interactions with people. If the kitten is used to being handled during the kitten socialization period, they will find things like going to the vet much less
stressful later in life. It’s also important to introduce kittens to common household sounds such as washing machines vacuum cleaners and dogs barking.

Simon's Cat Sleeping on Washer

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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