A Cat Behaviorist Offers Advice About Getting a Kitten in the First Episode of Simon’s Cat Care

Choosing a Kitten Simons Cat Care

In the first episode of the animated Simon’s Cat series “Simon’s Cat Care”, cat behaviorist Nicky Trevorrow explained how to determine whether or not a kitten would be a good addition to one’s family, the time, energy and cost of maintaining a kitten and how to best go about adopting more than one kitten.

It is worth bearing in mind that cats are actually solitary as a species and they don’t need the company other cats. But if you are thinking of getting more than one kitten, it’s worth getting two from the same litter. A sibling pair, they’re much more likely to get along.

Trevorrow’s explanation was followed by “Double Trouble“, an adorable Simon’s Cat tale featuring Simon’s kitten.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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