A Pair of Middle Schoolers Attempt to Capture a Deadly Clown Assassin in the Novel ‘I Scream for a Clown’

I Scream for a Clown

I Scream for a Clown is an entertaining suspense teen novel about two middle schoolers who meet up after school at a famous San Francisco soda fountain. What appears to be a simple get-together becomes more complicated when the kindly proprietor is murdered by a deadly assassin who is dressed like a clown. As the pair dig into what happened, they find themselves slipping further and further into a rabbit hole of secret societies and conspiracies while trying to stave off the taunts of the kids around them.

McKeyla just wanted to have lunch with her new friend Otto at Shelly’s Soda Shoppe—the best soda fountain in the world for hot sandwiches, cold root beer floats, and… international conspiracies.

I Scream for A Clown is the debut novel by D.J. Sæther and the first volume in The Soda Fountain Conspiracies.

I Scream for a Clown overflows with intrigue, grit, adventure, joy, and delightfully quirky jokes. It’s that rare book that parents and kids will enjoy reading together.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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