The Snidewalk, Amusing 8-Bit Game That Challenges Players to Virtually Walk NYC Without Hitting Anything

The Snidewalk 8 Bit

Copywriter Graham Davis designed “The Snidewalk”, a very clever 8-bit style game that challenges players to navigate the often frustrating streets of New York City for as long as they possibly can without hitting anyone or anything. As with any video game, the challenges are made to be more deliberate but the obstacle names are quite amusing.

From The Random Stopper to The Instagram Influencer to The Exiled Mattress and beyond, the game is full of both moving and stationary 8-bit obstacles that we all know too well from avoiding and possibly cursing at in real life.

The game can be played on either desktop or mobile phone, though Davis warns not to play the game while actually trying to navigate city streets.

Just don’t play it while walking on the sidewalk. We’d have to turn you into a new character.

Snidwalk Game

The Snidewalk

The Snidewalk Mobile

The Snidewalk Hits

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips