The Radiophonic Artist, A Quirky Sound Performer Who Makes Music With Static and Chocolate

In a wonderfully whimsical episode of the online Tasmanian series “Women of the Island” entitled “The Radiophonic Artist“, filmmaker Rebecca Thomson and an all female production team profiled sound performance artist Julia Drouhin, who makes music with the static from radios and homemade chocolate records that can be played and then be eaten. Drouhin spent her childhood in France and moved to Tasmania for love.

Born in France, Julia’s art practice changed significantly when she moved to Tasmania in her adult life. The landscape, soundscape and community of the isolated island inspired Julia to expand her art practice to incorporate her body, a new circle of collaborators, as well as the new sounds she encountered. Julia’s art is fuelled by a curiosity, playfulness and desire to open people’s ears to hear the world a little bit differently.