The Potential of Emotional Reading Technology Becoming Available Through Artificial Intelligence

The latest animated video from The School of Life gently postulates that the technology of the future will be able to read moods, detect emotional states and help humans communicate the nebulous world of feelings through the ever-advancing strides being made in artificial intelligence. One such emotional technology tool could be the yet-to-be-invented Socrates Mood Reader.

Named after the world’s greatest early philosopher Socrates who famously said that the first philosophical priority is to know yourself. Socrates will be a piece of wearable emotional technology that will make up for a failures of self-knowledge in real time. We imagine it as a kind of wearable life coach with the total understanding of our mental health, who we are and what we need to thrive emotionally at key moments. Socrates will be on hand to temper excesses and correct or emotional blind spots. It will know when we’re getting to an angry outburst and counsels wisely before it’s too late. it will sense mounting panic and be on hand immediately with the most soothing insights humanity has ever had.