The PaddyWagon Pub, A Line of Conveniently Inflatable Irish Bars That Can Be Set Up Anywhere

The PaddyWagon Pub is a line of conveniently inflatable, roomy bars that can be set up anywhere to recreate the Irish experience, complete with a faux fireplace, imprinted lamps and a fake brick facade. The Boston-based company rents out these portable pubs locally, providing a professional bar staff, traditional Irish food and a customizable beer menu.

It is no secret that Boston is internationally recognized as the hub of the Irish American community, and within that community the pub is the place where friends and neighbors gather for good conversation, lively music, traditional fare and the Irish experience of home. Today, in Boston, there is a new and innovative way to bring that experience to your next corporate event, wedding or family gathering. Say hello to The Paddywagon Inflatable Pub.

via Liquor, Food and Wine

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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